Umuabi Christian Resource Centre is a public activity of followers of Jesus Christ, flowing from the Spirit’s chrism.  This is carried out on group and on individual personality to witness, to serve, and realise the Kingdom of God. 

The Social Milieu

A critical observation of the milieu we are into in our community shows at a glance a society in need of cleaning up and clearing out. We are into a society that we cannot honestly call friendly. We live in a culture of sometimes high ideals and low morals, a separation of Christian  spirituality from ‘the rest’ of one’s life has brought about dichotomy that often causes a duality in the way we live, ‘saying one thing and acting out another’. Problems are visible and we see an increase in destructive struggle for ruler ship, starvation, the family separation, corruption, wickedness, abuse of alcohol, cultism, self-harm, and violence. A culture where Christian values are no longer the priority, proper child upbringing, marriages, the family, fidelity and even love has been undermined leading to inevitable insecurity. Values of success, achievement, materialism and permissiveness supersede faith, hope and love. We strive to change this dark and gloomy picture that is the reality for too many people in our community.

Our mission

For us.  Luke’s gospel 4:18-19, Christ explains

“The Spirit of the Lord has been given to me,

For he has anointed me.

 He has sent me to bring the good news to the poor,

To proclaim liberty to captives

And to the blind new sight,

To set the downtrodden free,

To proclaim the Lord’s year of favour.